Ultrapro™ Tx Prophy Angles

Ángulo desechable para profilaxis

Ultrapro Tx disposable prophy angles are an essential component for every practice. Their ergonomic shape helps reduce hand and arm fatigue and their patented gear design ensures smooth function. They are available in Original, Extra, Skini, and Sweep prophy angle types. And with firm or soft cup options for each prophy angle type, you can ensure you get the right cleaning power for each patient.

  • Smooth-running, quiet gear design
  • Ergonomic shape reduces hand and arm microtraumas
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Cups feature optimal flare
  • Color-coded cups allow for easy identification of firm or soft prophy angles
  • Extra and Skini prophy angles are available in right-angle and contra-angle options
  • Sweep prophy angles feature an innovative brush guard to significantly reduce splatter by 95%1
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